Monday, December 14, 2009

My Christmas - Dearne Herrenberg

image; eucalypt flower (summer red tutu) via paula bray on flickr

image; mainichi design, one of the many fabulous pieces that dearne creates...her etsy shop is here

Hello! And so, another lovely Christmas journey, this time with Dearne Herrenberg, interior and jewellery designer extraordinaire, who just so happens to be founding member of that illustrious gang of lovely creatives, better known as Creative Women's Circle. Yet another can-do woman who just gets on with things, but judging from this little snippet of My Christmas, the girl doesn't mind a bit of party time either - and well deserved!! Dearne's blog is here, if you want to pop by and say hello...

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule, Dearne, to let us know about your Christmas - sounds like alot of fun...and happy birthday too!

Since our now two year old arrived and took charge our Christmases have been changing each year!

This year on the 1st December we’ll be decorating a tree, which we plan to be an Australian native that can be planted in the garden afterwards. I have a big box full of lights and decorations, some of which have survived from my childhood, and quite a few treasured ones purchased over the years.

December is punctuated by my birthday (and hubby’s too, on the same day would you believe) a week before Christmas. So we certainly do have a month of celebrations. Then we really begin to feel like its Christmas when the huge Christmas ham settles in the fridge. This would probably be one of the first traditions that arrived in our house.

My family is not religious, so Christmas for us was always about catching up with relatives, a family day spent together, and enjoying lots of fun and good food. That tradition continues now in our house. When the 25th arrives it always begins with early morning gift opening, and usually an early phone call or two from interstate or absent family. I always remember this tradition from my childhood too, growing up in Queensland away from most of our Victorian relatives.

After gift giving is over, we usually spend our day preparing and munching on yummy food (not too much of it though - have to watch the Mummy waist line) and indulging in some good champagne and wine. Lunch is our big meal, and we like to start with fresh seafood such as prawns and oysters (a Queensland tradition we have brought to Melbourne) followed by ham, of course, with a roast and all the trimmings, and always something sparkling to accompany it.

Christmas afternoon is spent lazing about after dessert of plum pudding or home made fruit cake. If relatives are visiting there is usually a bit of silliness and more wine to be enjoyed. An afternoon snooze is often on the menu, or watching a DVD that was gifted to someone. Early evening someone breaks out the sandwich toaster and our day is topped off with more ham, in the toasted sandwich form!

Our Christmas usually continues with a Boxing Day visit to friends or relatives to eat some left over Christmas Day food and indulge in more good wine.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Shelley
Your Christmas day sounds like the Christmasses of my childhood.. sans the seafood. My parents wedding anniversay was Boxing Day so the celebrations always continued onto then.

Your birthday must be soon. Did I miss it? Either way.. hope you and Hubby have a great birthday... cheers xx Julie

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

hey julie....were you speed reading by any chance?!! thanks so your support and reading this little blog - this was dearne's christmas day, although, it is very similar to mine. my bday was back in august. so no, you didn't miss it. this little christmas journey belongs solely to dearne herrenberg and her family. i'll probably talk about my own a little closer to christmas - what are you up to this christmas? x shelley t

Porchlight Interiors said...

Gorgeous neck piece. Love the green with the dress. Stunning!