Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just Because...

image; via chez sucre chez
i'm pretty sure my new gift is the teensy little one!

This blogworld is a bit of an awesome thing - the people are so great.
Last night Galmont hosted the girls from Creative Women's Circle for their end of year break up, lots of bubbles and cheeses and conversation were shared. And some of my bloggy mates (thanks Susan and Dearne) helped me sort out why I am currently having some trouble getting certain posts together for you, which was quite a bonus!
My lovely Captain quietly sidled up beside me and said, 'I was down the rabbithole and thought of you when I saw this, so I got one for you, just because....' and handed me a beautifully wrapped little box.
A handwritten note and a gift 'just because', I am racking my brains thinking of anything better. Thanks so much, sweet Kate!


captain kk said...

hello! what a nice surprise to see this post when i checked in :) my pleasure shelley.. happy to see you like it. x captn

tess said...

new friends, presents and HTML tech support, that's just some of the benefits of our little CWC :) thanks for hosting the party, shelley, it was tres bon!

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

cwc is so ace; that's why you can't keep me away, tess! i get to meet creative lovelies like your good self and sweet captain. x