Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Christmas - Lucy Feagins

toddler Lucy as a Christmas tree, someone very creative obviously put this ensemble together...and so the interest in design begins...

the crazy hat tradition - love it!

last year's annual friend's christmas/hanukkah celebration planned by lucy and gavin youngs
all images; lucy feagins

Well, you know all your Christmases have come at once when a friend so insanely busy with such a revered blog decides that she'll put together a little something to share!

I think you'd be living under a rock or very new to the blogosphere if The Design Files is not familiar to you. Lucy is a set dresser/props buyer/stylist/writer who has the whole town talking and vying for her attention. I was one of those people who was quite ignorant to the way the blog-world worked (in fact, it was Lucy who taught me how to put an image and/or link on my blog!), lurking around in the background, never leaving comments but completely in the grips of this internet design world when I invited The Design Files (who seemed to be on every blogroll!) to Galmont. It was such a great time, that we have since shared meals and chats and celebrations together and met family members and now Lucy and her man can't get rid of us!

The thing I like about this friendship is that it happened right when I thought my friend quota had been reached (!), but then that someone special sneaks in under the radar!!! Lucy Feagins is a classy, stylish, generous, creative soul who packs more into a day than most would in a week; I knew her Christmas would be an interesting time. Thanks for sharing with us and bringing some of your design know-how to Femme de Montmartre, lovely Lucy.
PS. And the crazy hat game is about to become a tradition in our family too...

My Christmas by Lucy Feagins

I am such a sucker for Christmas time - I love the smell of the Christmas tree when I come home at night... the twinkle of fairy lights in our loungeroom after dark, and the panettone I've been eating for breakfast everyday this month!

For me the season is about winding down, spending long-overdue time with my boy and family and friends, reflecting on a busy year and making exciting plans for the year ahead! It's like a breather - I love the feeling that almost the whole city is relaxed and in holiday-mode!

Leading up to Christmas there is always a big get-together with my closest friends - we usually have a big picnic lunch and a Kris Kringle... it's a lovely way to catch up and give everyone a squeeze before everyone leaves the city to be with their families for Christmas. My friends are a very creative bunch - we've been known to get up to very crazy antics - from customised dress-ups at the lunch table, to inflatable santa suits and even jumping castles! I feel very lucky to have such an amazing and creatives bunch of friends!!

Christmas Day is the only day of the year I can justify doing absolutely NOTHING except cooking, eating, chatting, relaxing and generally catching up with myself! I don't think there's any other day in the year I could do nothing all day and feel ok about it! (And be assured I will not receive some urgent phonecall from work or 400 emails to respond to!).

This year Christmas Day will be at my Mum's place in Fitzroy. I grew up in London... so we really relish the Aussie Summer Christmas - no roast dinner for us! Instead we'll eat smoked salmon and seafood, delicious prosciutto and treats from the Mediterranean Wholesalers (Mmmm Buffalo Mozzarella!), delectable salads and fruit... maybe a special rosewater and pistachio pavlova for dessert. After lunch Mum makes us play the 'hat game' - we create crazy hats from all the leftover wrapping paper and take lots of ridiculous photos. It's a game my Grandma invented and absolutely loved - it always ends in hilarity and a surprisingly competitive spirit! My Grandma passed away this year so we'll play this crazy game in her honour.


Lucy said...

Awww Shelley you are too sweet!! Thankyou for your kind words! :) SO glad that my little ol' blog brought us together!

I will link to this from my site later today! And will try and drop into Galmont Thurs? Will u be there then! I really must squeeze you before Christmas day! xx

Luce xxxx

Anonymous said...

what a cute little costume! and love the idea of the christmas hat competition!

captain kk said...

love the crazy hat game! another gorgeous christmas :)

Anonymous said...

adorable costume!