Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Weblog Wanderings... (4)

image; holly becker at decor 8

...I am so pumped by the idea of a 'community bookcase' - Holly has a couple in her new German neighbourhood - Galmont will definitely get in on the act. I have found the comments so interesting regarding people thinking that it wouldn't work in their neighbourhoods; I think if it could work in Fitzroy, it could work anywhere, and can't wait to give the idea a go at the front of our retail space; I am so sure our local community won't let us down with graffiti, vandalism or stealing. Anyway, read the fuss here...and I promise to let you know the developments of our own little experiment...

image; angela at three buttons
....and the lovely Angela over at Three Buttons has given us a glimpse of her gorgeous noticeboard, encouraging others to take photos of their own and she will feature them on her site, read about it here. I daresay this will be enough to get Kimberlee more than a little excited, she loves an inspiration board, even featuring Galmont's on a recent post which you can see here.


decor8 said...

This is very inspiring to me, and I'm happy that you can use this idea in your local community. Once you have the shelf prepared and installed, please do send me an image so I may talk about it again on decor8. I'd love that. xo

Teri said...

I swear I must have had Australian father and a Parisian mother in a previous life! All of your images rub a special spot in my heart.

angela said...

Wow that community bookcase sounds fantastic!!

I would love to see your noticeboard pics!! : )

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

thanks holly, teri and angela!
i am planning to get the community bookcase up and running within the next week, getting things started tomorrow, to be exact. it shouldn't be hard at all. i'll be sure to keep you in the loop, holly.
teri, that's the sweetest thing 'rub a special part in my heart' - awwwww! that makes me happy to hear it.
and angela, will be sending the noticeboard images tomorrow.
thanks for dropping by. x

belinda said...

ooh can't wait to see it IN PERSON soon! I love this idea. We have a second-hand bookstore nearby where you basically swap one for one, but how much fun would it be to have a big cupboard in the middle of the footpath like a bus stop! x