Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beautiful Barcelona

images; 1 sagrada familia, 2& 3 park guell, 4 casa battlo; photographed by luke phillips
It appears I am not alone in my love for this incredible city. Since writing this post, I've received emails from people who have fallen completely for Barcelona's charms and those of Antoni Gaudi's architecture. Luke Phillips has been generous enough to share his photos with us, they're fabulous - enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hi. Love these photos of Barcelona. Just what we need in the middle of this grey slump we're having here in Melbourne. Thanks for posting them, and thanks and regards to Luke Phillips for sharing them. I'd like a giant poster of the first photo.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Such good images! Love Barcelona and love Fitzroy too, I am winging my way to Melbourne next week and I will have to come and seek you out! I have family in Fitzroy so shouldn't be too hard!

Looking forwrard to it already!
Sarah from Blighty!

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

you're most welcome, solidgoldcreativity. glad that these barcelona pics brightened your day.
and sarah-jane down the lane, please seek us out!! i am at galmont thursdays and fridays (my partner, stephan, is there from weds - sundays); it'd be lovely to meet you...i have family all over england and used to get there quite often.
i'm pretty sure that luke will check back in, so hopefully he will see your positive comments. thanks for reading!

dixiebelle said...

Ooh, I loved Barcelona...