Monday, February 6, 2012

Loving The Attention!

image; the always inspiring blog, Advanced Style

Oh yes, the month of February is all about giving and getting love, don't you think?! And I'm not just talking of the 'coupledom' kind, in fact, that's the last thing I was thinking of (although, if you've got it, it can be a bit of I believe!!) No, I'm talking the things that money can't buy that make us feel real good - maybe for you that's walking your pet, or that first sip of your morning cuppa, or the sight of a glowing moon on a very dark evening, or that lovely 'connected' smile with a stranger on public transport.

Well, the Inaugural Galerie Montmartre Pop-Up Window is now installed down on Brunswick St alerting people to our 'loveliness' and I gotta tell you, the love that's been heaped on Galmont over the past few days has been quite overwhelming. It's been a collaboration with the lovely Pip Lincolne who has already blogged about it over at Meet Me At Mike's.
I'll be taking photos of my own this week and give you updates to the little tweaks we'll be making during the wonderful month of February. J'taime!!

PS. Hello and thank you to all those who have stopped by over the past 72 hours or so, it's been lovely having you here x

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