Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Grub Food Van

photo; via the age

We have been enjoying watching the developments that Tim and Mark have been making with the block (make that, very big block) next-door to Galmont. They are lovely boys, the type to invite me every single year to their annual Christmas Eve party - complete with material to make personal decoration to hang on their tree - despite the fact that every single year, I've been unable to attend due to the Petits and their own Christmas festivities. And believe me, I'd looovvveee to go to that shin-dig for the interior decorating peek alone, because what they've created next door is so wonderful.

So, when I walked by a couple of months back and spotted the 1965 Airstream caravan sitting out the front, my heart skipped a beat. It's so.damn.beautiful. And I get to see it at least five times a week!

And as of this weekend, I believe....if you are in the Fitzroy area, you too, get to have a look. In fact, you can actually buy food from said caravan goodness as the 'Grub Food Van' opens to the public. Another wonderful experience in our rocking little neighbourhood. Then, of course, once your appetite is satisfied, you pop next door and check out all the vintage poster goodness...don't you??!!!??

Welcome to the neighbourhood, Grub Food Van!

Grub Food Van
Moor St. (west off Brunswick St....next to Galerie Montmartre)
Fitzroy, Vic 3065

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Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

the van looks totally amazing!! can only imagine how good the food will be. miss you, hope is well x