Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ramblings of a Lapsed Cmas Card Writer featuring Raven & Lamb

I've actually allowed my head to start thinking of the holiday season...Christmas to be more precise. I know, I'm in shock as well, I actually have room in my brain to consider the occasion and how I'm going to spend it and with whom....and that very important detail to the interior-decorating wannabe like my I'll style up Chez La Femme!

When I was a people-pleaser of the worst kind (forgotten yourself in the process kind, that is), Christmas for me was all about Christmas cards. I'd spend hours writing cards with enormous, personalised messages on each ensuring they were posted by the self imposed December deadline. I still love them, I love receiving them, but no longer have the time or the real desire to send them. That phase is officially over. These days I reach out during the year to my people and catch them up on my life...and what a debarcle it is! However, if I was the Christmas card writing person I once was, I'd be using these beauties from Raven and Lamb. I love what this team do.


Carla said...

I WAS a Christmas card sender like yourself, reading this post makes me feel a little guilty, great cards.
Just found your website what an amazing collection..........French Ashtrays would love to see some pics!

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

hey carla, no guilt please!! it takes a while to work it's way through the system, i know... so glad that you have jumped aboard the femme de m train, you and your story have been an inspiration to me. keep taking those gorgeous photos x