Friday, November 4, 2011

La Femme Hits the Road...


...all the way to beautiful Balmain (for my American beauties, that's a 10 hour drive to the next State) for their annual Arts and Craft Show.

Sure, not exactly road tripping in the style shown here by Hilary Walker. In fact, I hired a car that is quite literally bigger than the inner city cottage I live in - yes, exaggeration, you should know I'm prone to them by now. Trust me, it's a big car though and I made it! I always feel a sense of achievement as I pull up to a destination after an all day drive, everything in tact, vintage posters ready to be shown to a new audience who will all say similar things - "Oh my God, these are beautiful!" - "but they look too new to be vintage" - "so where do you source them?" - "how many were printed?"- "how do I choose from all these?" - "do you have a website?" - "how did you get started?" I'll smile and happily answer every question and introduce a new group of devotees to this fascinating medium. Lots of fun!

Hope to see you here, if you are Sydneysider;

2 Eaton St.
Balmain, NSW.
Sat Nov 5th; 9 - 5pm
Sun Nov 6th; 10 - 4pm.

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jules @ The Diversion Project said...

sounds super cool darl. would be ace if you made it to the west one day : )