Monday, April 11, 2011

Light it up!

image; via the magnificent diversion project

Ooooohhhhh the Leo in me jumps to attention with images like this - beautiful candle light, roaring fire...given the blustery weather Melbourne has been dealing with this is a sight for my sore (Fire-sign) eyes. Gorgeous!


tess said...

The pisces in me wants to douse that room in water... too many flowy curtains and sheets around open flames for my liking, hehe :)

Raina Cox said...

WOW - that room was made for sessy times.

kylie t said...

lovely image, i would love my bedroom to look like that, thanks for sharing

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

oh darl, you can send blustery melbourne weather here. PLEASE! Still 34 and dry here, so ready for a fire.

hope all's good with you treasure xxx

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

jules, i really don't think you mean that?! since when do perth people ever hang out for melbourne weather. are you around in july? i'll be in town, we can set the place on fire!!
hello kylie t, lovely of you to comment....hoping i can get my act together and give you more to comment on in the future.
rockin raina, i could not agree more...subliminal messages don't get past you!!! ha ha ha!
and tess, l'homme is a piscean, when we first moved into our house, he's like 'we need a water feature' and i'm like 'ohhh, an open fire - now i want candles everywhere'!

Geisslein said...

Oh this picture is exactly what I need today. It´s so cold here in germany today, I would love to spend some cuddly time there NOW!
have a happy day today. And thanks for your comment, now I know one of my readers ;o)