Monday, April 18, 2011

A L'Homme Update - Turn the Frown Upside Down

Have been hanging to use this image since finding it on the Inside Out blog a gazillion months ago. You see, I have a thing about Botox - a thing against it, that is. Give me one drink too many and listen to me jump on my soapbox, have a little bit of a rant, wonder aloud if the Petits will bring alien looking friends home in the future, why anyone would want to wipe out their life experiences and ability to respond to life with a proper frown or smile with a needle and a bit of horse tranquiliser, for crying out loud (?!!!)....oh yes, i'm not into it.

However, this morning I am taking L'Homme back to the hospital - good old rehab centre where he spent almost five months of his life in 2010 - to receive of all things Botox! Granted, it's in his calve muscles, but it appears Sharon Stone was right when she referred to it as 'medicine'. That's the next treatment to get L'Homme's body moving again.

So, time to swallow my pride and do the right thing by the T-Tribe.

I may even get off my high horse for a while...

Have a wonderful week!


Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

I am so with you, botox for cosmetic purposes is just not cool in my book.

But botox for therapeutic uses - amazing. AMAZING! It's used a lot in cerbral palsy patients, to stop overactive sweat glands, so many things!

Hope the treatment goes well for L'Homme. xxx

Nikki said...

Yeah it is ok for your gorgeous girls to say botox is a no no but what about those of us who may need a little help?!!! Only kidding - you can let the horse gallop some more i say! Good news L'Homme is reaching another hurdle to jump and take out in this challenging race. Keep smiling beautiful lady and hope to see you soon. N xxxx