Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Break Update

image; famille summerbelle

Hello lovelies, I've managed to carve out some time for myself over the past five days. Spent some time alone - blissful with a capital 'b' & the first time I've had any extended time alone, ever in my whole entire life.....so nuts, will be chasing that a little more, I can tell you - then the T-Tribe travelled to the home of a friend with a gazillion dollar view. (If you don't have a friend that has such a thing, I'd strongly suggest you find one!)

The Petits ran around like crazy on the craggy shore as L'Homme looked on from the house above. I was told I was a 'relaxed' Mum, given the fact that one kid was climbing rocks dangerously close to the ocean (complete with his own narrative about catching abelone) and the other kid was dive bombing from a 2 metre rock into the water below.

I just loved their care-free attitudes despite the chaos that is around them - I celebrated for a second that they are going to be ok.

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