Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Michelle Belle Tumbles 1

image; Gardez la France Propre by Raymond Savignac, 1982. 117 X 160cms.
Today is the first of our tumblr series written by Michelle Belle. And as we all have L'Homme on our minds, I thought it was fitting that we started with a post regarding him and one of our favourite French poster artists.

MB has really got into the tumbling life, posting every week day....puts this Femme to shame...

Anyway, enjoy!

On a recent trip to Paris, Le Boss spotted this poster and had to have it. A devout Savignac fan, it was one he had not yet had in the gallery. Sacre bleu! How could this happen? A purchase was obligatory. This humorous image embodies all that made Savignac the master of the French advertising poster from the late 1940s right up until his death in 2002. A clever image, abundant colour, minimal text and a uniquely kooky sense of humor all come together to produce a poster that is both distinctly French and instantly memorable.
Check out this terrific image above. The national symbol of France, le coq (chicken) is imploring the poor little porc (pig) to ‘Gardez La France Propre’, to keep France clean. Only Savignac could take an appeal from the National Agency of Waste Disposal to the French people to look after their country and inject it with such lightheartedness and humor.
So from the streets of France in 1982 to the walls of Galerie Montmartre in 2010, we have another wonderful Savignac poster in our collection. Bravo Le Boss, BRAVO!

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