Monday, March 21, 2011

The Worst Blogger Ever...

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....that would be me!

I know the rules, I know what works in the bloggation stakes; -consistency, interesting topics, a bit of style, humour, pretty pictures, unique voice, commenting, enjoying the blogging creativity of others...and I have been failing dismally on all fronts...! I realise, I really do.

So, thank you for bearing with me - as I write there are 64 lovely public followers - I am so grateful to you each. You have followed this blog when really, there's not been much to follow!!

Life is a little nuts, to say the least. L'Homme learns to walk and talk and reach a level of independance again, which means I am left to do everything else. No complaints, that's life, that is the hand that this household has been dealt and we're getting on with it. Honestly, what other choice do we have?!

In the coming days, I'll add a story or two of interest. You can see the Expedit shelf that I put together all by myself! And how I have made a few adjustments to Petit's room. I'll start talking about Galerie Montmartre and some of the developments that are going on there. I'll get it together and I'll really enjoy it....and we'll get the wheels of Femme de M turning again.

Love to you all. x


Blue Fruit said...

No hurry! One step at a time is great, all that matters is that you are heading in the right direction, which it sounds like you are.

debbie.ferguson said...

Will always continue to follow you even when you think there's not much to follow!! xoxo

nikki said...

You always have something interesting to say - so well worth the wait i say!!! xxxx