Monday, September 13, 2010

A Family Update

image; l'homme & petit-petit, sept 5 2010

I thought it was time to update you all on the lives of the T-Tribe since that fateful June day when L'Homme suffered a massive brain bleed and hung on for dear life - if you are new to Femme De M and unsure what I am talking about, you can get a clearer picture here and here and here.

The most wonderful development is that L'Homme buzzed through the doors of Galerie Montmartre last week and it was one big cry-fest!! Even our beautiful neighbours, Rachel and Pat, the talented architectural duo who head up KennedyNolan - ran over from across the road to join in the celebration. I am trying really hard not to be sentimental, so you have to just trust me when I say he was ultra happy to be back. As I looked at ST sitting in his wheelchair in the middle of our vast retail space, taking in everything he has dreamed up and created, I realised that the time having him back working at Galmont isn't really that far away. In all honesty, he could start doing a few bits and pieces next week...but of course, that won't happen, because regaining his mental and physical strength at rehab is so much more important.

Having said that, L'Homme is now walking....with one assistant and a walking stick; he cooked our family dinner on Friday night (welcome back Stef the Chef, I say!); he is well ahead of schedule in relation to when he comes home; he now has movement in every previously paralysed part of his body and the words are tumbling out of his mouth. His mannerisms, intelligence and humour are all intact. In other words, he is an absolute miracle, and there is nothing to do but be grateful that although L'Homme was born with this hideous unknown ticking time bomb in his brain, he was also born with a stronger will to live. I know he will do whatever it takes to make a full recovery.

I'm usually fairly private when it comes to personal images on the blog, but I have made an exception here. This was taken a week ago, on Father's Day, somehow - despite my pathetic, haphazard ways with a camera - I captured a tender moment. I tear up everytime I look at it, because I know our story could've - actually, according to statistics, should've - been so different. I have no idea what 'the end' will look like, the beginning was certainly very ordinary, but this middle bit of the story is pretty exciting.

I'll be taking a week's blog break, as I take a couple of days out for myself (hello NSW coastline!) and then prepare our home for L'Homme's imminent arrival!!

Thanks again for your love and support, means so much. x


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

oh shelley, so so soooo flipping happy for you guys and how things are progressing. When i read about S and the shop on FB i was tearing up. So happy for you! jxxx

Raina Cox said...

Now I'm crying too.

Vive L'Homme!

pen said...


Mainichi said...

hurrah Shelley! have a wonderful wonderful break...xx

captain kk said...

oh my shelley.. what a beautiful photo. i'm so happy that everything is looking so positive. enjoy a wonderful break. x captn.

Camilla @ Designalogue said...

Thats fantastic news!
have a lovely break & i look forward to hearing more of your families happy news!

Anonymous said...

I must share with you a little story.
We first stumbled on the world of Galerie Montmartre when we were looking for a poster for our daughter Stella a few years ago. We found the most perfect Herve Mervan (girl on a vespa) and it takes pride of place above her mantle piece in her bedroom.
We met Stephan that day and we loved his passion for his beloved posters.
We have visited since and spoken with Stephan again as we need to find our second daughter Ava a poster.
So this brings me to my story. We were in Carlton Gardens last Sunday with our two girls and I saw Stephan in his wheelchair. I was sure it was him and I said to my husband..."I'm sure that is Stephan from Galerie Montmartre". Simon said yes it is him I saw him arrive with his family and it shocked me to see him.
I couldn't get him out of my mind as he was such a lovely and warm person when we first went to Galerie Montmartre and I thought I would look at your website to see if there was a way of me finding out what was wrong and why he was in a wheelchair.
And I stumbled on your Blog and your beautiful way with words when you described Stephan's illness.
As much as I don't know him personally I felt reading your words and how strong-willed he has been in his recovery that it made sense. He seemed to have passion for his life when we spoke with him and he spoke about his family...the man we met wouldn't have given that up easily I'm sure.
So thank you for sharing and I wish you and your family all best for Stephan's continued recovery.
Warm regards Jo

Kimberlee said...

what a fabulous shot. have a beautiful time away. be in touch soon xxx

kirsten said...

my thoughts and very best wishes for SP and your family. love this beautiful photo and thank you for sharing your very personal journey at this time.
best, kirstenxx

Lisa Foote said...

Shell, Thankyou so much for sharing that picture of Steph and Emile. My heart melted and my eyes watered profusely!! Love you girl.

Lisa Foote

PottyMouthMama said...

I just sat here and drank in that photo without reading. I love that photo. It's powerful and full of love and hope. And love. And love. AND BIG LOVE!

I am so thrilled for you and your family.

Big, big love. xxx

Alison Gibbs said...

Shelley what is the saying - a picture is worth a thousand words.
Such wonderful news for your sweet family.

Ria FitzGerald said...

Shelley, when we met I had no idea you were going through such a traumatic personal crisis. You have such a happy positivity it's no wonder your man is making such remarkable progress with support like that. All best wishes and loads of white light to you and your family x

nikki said...

Hi Shelley, I have just stopped balling after reading your beautiful blog(you have such a wonderful way with words) and seeing that beautiful picture. What lovely comments you have recieved too! Keep strong beautiful lady.Love you all so very much. x x x

Spin Spin said...

That's such great news and hope the break was fab. See you soon! Susan.