Friday, March 5, 2010

Feel-the-Love Friday

Comme Nicolas by Peyonet, circa 1950. image; michelle our belle for galmont

It's so nice to be loved, isn't it?! I've been feeling the bloglove lately, more comments and interactions with dear readers and, it seems, a few bloggers liking what we do at Galmont. I've become aware of some fairly recent posts that have been written regarding us and our posters.

Many thanks to;

- Gorgeous Belinda at The Happy Home, her blogpost here;

-Darling Fitzroyalty who gave our community bookshelf a little bit of attention here;

- Fresco Creative blog has a little bit to say here;

- and that Crafty Minx, Kelly, is apparently a fan of Galmont too, read here.

Enjoy your weekend, friends, will see you back next week. x

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