Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Vespa (or Four) for Crayon Chick

Vespa GS, Anon. c1960, 70X100cms.

Vespa Servizio, Anon. c.1960 26X35cms.

Vespa GL, Anon. 1963, 70X100cms.

Vespa Formidable, Ambroise, 1955. 120X160cms.
all images; stephan t for galmont

Michelle, sweet Crayon Chick, had some lovely words to say about Galmont in this post. So I thought that I'd send her some more vintage Vespa bloglove!


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Love the vespas Shelley!! Hey i saw a few of your wares in the latest edition of Insite (WA mag- part of the Scoop group of mags), and the home owner mentioned she bought them online from a melbourne store (no, mention of Gallerie sadly), but i knew it must have been your lovely self!

They don't have the latest copy up on the website yet, so will try and remember to scanned it in at work for you to see. jxx

Crayon Chick said...

Oh, be still my beating heart, it's a Vespa heaven! C'est formidable, indeed! This post tops off a fabulous couple of days and it was so lovely to say Hello to you again. See you soon, Michelle x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Morning Morning Shelley,

How the devil are you?

The Vespa posters really reminded me of Roman Holiday, ahhhh, love that film.....

Hope you had a great weekend,

Sarah x