Monday, November 9, 2009

Secret Weapon - My Place and Your's

san francisco alamo square - i was so fortunate to live in this city, image found here

i was also very fortunate to live in a building very similar to the ones shown, image found here

This week's meme 'My Secret Weapon' has had me stumped - which is a great thing -thanks My Bricole . I've been racking my brains for material things that make me feel extra wonderful and puts a shimmy in my step. And in all honesty, I cannot think of a single thing that does that for me.....would a cheeky champagne pass?!

I keep coming back to one, dear people, travel is my secret weapon!
I'm not just talking international experiences, I'm talking daytrips, walking excursions (yes, I actually stick the Petits in the pram not knowing where we'll head some days and just keep moving!) and little interstate sojourns. There is nothing that makes me feel as alive as travelling does. It opens my mind, expands my creativity and makes me think that anything is possible. I can have some sort of mind dilemma going on, a few hours/days/months/years away and clarity returns full throttle!

I will hold my overseas living and travels so close to my heart; those 7 years in the U.S taught me so much. When I realised that I had set up a life somewhere other than home where I had friends and places to go and things to do, I realised that the world was indeed my oyster. Without travel, there would be no Galmont, there's no way I would've had the confidence to just get in and have a go at creating and running my own business without my travelling experiences. And as for honing the old instincts, I have my friend travel to thank as often they're all you've got in a strange place!

But then again, I can think of many times closer to home, when life was a little wierd before my Petits came along - another story for another day - l'Homme would often put me in the car and drive, I'd silently sit in the passenger seat letting the tears flow until there were no more. And then the lull of travelling and being somewhere else for a couple of hours would strengthen my resolve and my self confidence and I'd return home with a renewed passion to make my dreams of Parenthood become a reality.

There is no doubt that travel is my secret weapon, it is my pick-me-up, my guide and my teacher. It is the thing I can 'go to in a pinch and it never lets me down'. I dream big on my travels and return feeling like Superwoman with a creative plan - or ten!

So what's your secret weapon? Pop on over to Pip's place, if you would like to join in the fun; it runs until Saturday (Nov. 14th) when the next Theme Queen (who I happen to know extremely, extremely well!!!!!) will announce the following week's theme.


sarah-jane down the lane said...

Beautiful Shelley,

San Fran is very special to me too as I worked for an American company based there so would visit often and I came to lve it and the people I knew were very dear to me.

I know what you mean about sometimes needing to go somewhere, for me it is Cornwall you must get there! Daphne Du Maurier country, I think you would love it!

Sarah x

lily40au said...

I so no what you mean ... I've just come back from seven weeks wandering the world and my heart is already loging for the unknown.

Great choice.

Tracey said...

Travel - what a brilliant thing, i love that this was chosen as your secret weapoon!! i would have to agree you you. I've been bombarding my poor blog readers with holiday snaps in the past month hehe

The feeling i get when I see a plan darting across the sky. even if I'm not on the plane. I just enjoy that you can go ANYWHERE in this wide world of ours.

I can't wait for the next moment when I can plan another holiday.... *sigh* x Tracey

captain kk said...

loved this post shelley.. i was reading along about your travels, nodding & saying "yes, yes.. so true" in my head and then your last paragraph was so open & touching.. sounds like l'homme might be your other secret weapon. x captain.

ExcUsE mY frEnch said...

Yeah ! travel is the best that's true ! and SF is amazing and so peacefull ! i love it !
thanks for sharing

marian said...

wonderful post!! got me daydreaming about my recent trip to the States..NYC, San Fran & the extraordinary expanse between!! where to next??..can't wait!

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

thanks for your comments, everyone. it looks like travel has contributed to your lives the very same way it has to mine. love it.
s-j, my dad was born in devon, so i hear about cornwall a little from time to time. i definitely plan on heading there in the future. x