Thursday, May 12, 2011

Anderson Children - la femme la likes!

images; jeremy veitch photography

Our web guy, Andy, is legendary to us. He does things behind the scenes, makes stuff really user friendly and talks to us about the techie stuff in lay person's terms. And he happens to be a friend first, so we love him before we even talk the work bits.

Anyway, Andy's beautiful Mama is one creative girl. When I saw the website to her newest venture 'Anderson Children', I just knew I had to share it. Having two boys means that it is Testosterone City around this place, not much in the way of feminine - altho Petit did say he thought I was 'so beautiful....I like the way your bottom moves"; and I did feel like Sophia Loren for the briefest of seconds - does that count?! So, it was no surprise that I delighted in every image on the website, cause these dresses are just so damn pretty. And beautifully styled and photographed too. Don't you think? I love the names of each garment and although I haven't seen them up close, I can just tell that the attention to detail would be exquisite.

This is one classy little enterprise. Well done, Paula!

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