Monday, June 7, 2010

L'Homme is Home!

image; chosen to represent my joy at having l'homme back!
Aurore by Cappiello, c.1930; stephan t for galmont

And he arrived back with vintage posters galore and so many wonderful stories and the odd gift for the Petit's and moi from wonderful Paris.
Due to the jetlag, our schedules have been completely different, meaning that L'Homme has been working at Galmont from 4:00am, coming home to be with the Petits during the mad breakfast rush and then going back to the retail space....crashing on the couch before 7:00pm. I'm sure we'll have a conversation within the next few days (!) - then I can pass on every bit of information to you, dear readers. Can't wait to share some French goodness with you all.

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jules @ The Diversion Project said...

oh good, glad you're not flying solo any more!

and man if that guy below signs on as your assistant, i'll be on the next plane heading over east!! have a great week treasure.jxx