Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pink Magic vs Farty Pants

image by shelley t; a teensy corner of petit-petit's room, where 'pink magic' resides

I am a major Christina Gordon fan, her cutesy Blythe-like art gets me everytime. I walk by her artwork most days, so it seemed an obvious choice when I was creating a nursery for Petit to get him a little something. Petit has since moved rooms, the little portrait has gone with him, they seem quite happy.

In the meantime I found one for my bedroom, which I love, she makes me very happy. So of course, it was only fair that when Petit-Petit came along, he got a little something special. I chose an artwork that wasn't too frou-frou.

image by shelley t; close up of 'pink magic'

Here she is, she is beautiful and looks great in the space. I am extremely happy and so was Petit-Petit....right up until about three months ago. Suddenly he was calling me and asking me - in 2 year old language - to remove the 'scary girl'. So, she has sat on the floor of my bedroom. Every now and again I sneak her back, but the little bloke notices every single time!

image by christina gordon; farty pants

So I am thinking of a permanent replacement....a little while ago Christina created this latest work for her partner, cutely entitled 'Farty Pants'. I know he is wearing a mask as well, but surely if I explained 'Farty Pants' to Petit-Petit he would be more welcome than the little dark angel 'Pink Magic'. I mean, you know boys....they are all about bodily functions, making smells and laughing at each other's, right? Maybe he would see the funny side and decide the rude little boy could stay? I might have to buy him and find out...


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

captain farty pants would suit this household! lovely work xx

debbie.ferguson said...

What is it with boys & bodily functions?? Interested to hear what Petit Petit's reaction is to "Farty Pants." Cheers Deb

vicki archer said...

These are so them. Happy May day, xv.