Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beat the Heat

all images; color me katie

Well hello!! How has 2010 been for you so far? Here in the sweet land Downunder it has been hot, like un-naturally hot, heat-wave conditions. Yesterday in Melbourne was 44 degrees celcius (110 fahrenheit) with the highest minimum night temperature on record (32 degrees celcius ie. 90 fahrenheit) - very oppressive. But I think that my little mate, Katie, has the right idea...what do you think? Fancy taking public transport sans your pants?! This was the annual 9th 'no pants subway ride' held by Improv Everywhere - for an exhibitionist like me this idea appeals so much, but unfortunately it's about 10 years too late!

PS. I'm enjoying my little blogpost rest, January is holiday season which means we're out and about far more, so will post a little sporadically until the end of the month. Take care. x


sarah-jane down the lane said...

hee hee that is hilarious! In london you would be arrested for indecent exposure! do you have that law?
What a brilliant way to travel but a little chilly here right now to try it out!

Have gorgeous hols,

Sarah x

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Have heaps of January fun!

I had to return to work yesterday, found it bizarre not going for a swim :(

Crazy cool images, too funny.


Susan L (lily40au) said...

So funny ... I wondered who the first guy was with his supermanish belt. I'd love to have seen this in action.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

hahahahahaha i love it!!
I saw on the news last night how hot it is in Melbourne!! people were complaining about how hot it was on public transport... now if they only saw this!! hehehehe.... Keep cool!!! xxx Julie

angela said...

That's one way of beating the heat, though you might be waiting for a train in your undies rather than riding it. Can you believe there was 101 train cancellations on our 44 degree day.

I hope you enjoying a well deserved break!!

belinda said...

too funny. my little layla would follw their lead and fit right in - she's always dropping her daks! hope it cools down a little. sending the cool your way!

Laura said...

Oh, I love this.

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

sweeties, if you are loving this little look; then i urge you to get back to 'color me katie's' blog where there is a mini movie, to music - so funny!!! xxx

Urban Style Vibes said...

Enjoy your holidays! Lovely blog and cool images by the way!

Lise M.